Monika Barska
Monika Barska

Monika was born and raised in Poland. The moment she walked in to a local dance studio at a young age, she fell in love with ballroom dancing. Monika has competitively danced in American rhythm and American smooth. She is proud of her students achievements and is passionate about the drive people have to accomplish something. In 2013, she opened her own studio in Southport, Connecticut. 

Henry Skopp

Henry started teaching in 1997. He mastered the Fred Astaire method of teaching, while training his dance techniques with elite professionals. Having a background with customer service, Henry quickly became accustomed to a dancer's needs and expectations. From countless customer referrals, Henry has won multiple Top Teacher awards. Henry and Monika continue to train their dancing, while competing in Fred Astaire Dance Competitions. Recently, they won the 2018 West Coast Dance Championship in San Diego, California in the American Smooth category. Henry thoroughly enjoys improving both his own and his students’ skills.  


3300 Post Road, Southport, CT 06890​ 

Tel 203-254-8250

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